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I pitched this enterprise story the first day I started at Mashable after noticing something was off about the interaction between digital stars and their fans. I spent six months reaching out to over a dozen digital influencers accused of sexual harassment using their listed public contact information, including their emails (some registered to old YouTube accounts) and social media. I also contacted many Tumblr users who posted accusations over the last few years. Many interviews with teen fans and parents were conducted at VidCon 2016. I also utilized court documents, Tumblr posts and YouTube videos.

This was my final story for Mashable. In it, I explored Apple’s plans for original programming and their struggle to figure out their place in the streaming service world.


This was a Sundance Film Festival analysis piece, which features interviews on background and on the record with various sources with knowledge of the Sundance landscape.

https---blueprint-api-production.s3.amazonaws.com-uploads-card-image-264969-vinesdead_ThumbnailA tale of two video platforms and their respective downfalls.


The Disney operation behind all things digital that you’ve probably never heard of.


Studios and networks — some of which have been to VidCon before — went big for the 2016 conference, putting together lavish displays and activations to vie for young attendees’ attention.